Aja Denise


Be Loud.

Who is Aja Denise?

My name is Aja (pronounced Asshhhiiaaaa- ASIA), I am an Instructor and Fitness Trainer. This is just an easy way to remember my name, if you have yet to meet me in person, as my personality speaks for itself! Short snippet about myself. Throughout my journey, I have experienced many different training styles and techniques from many amazing trainers. In addition to the training, I also had my own journey with diet gimmicks, PROCESSED FOOD, intense training, failing to remain consistent. Post my journey, I am destined to share my journey with the world, thus introducing Queen's Studio 5 Project! 

lifeI am on an amazing life transformational journey, which has led me to quit my daytime job  as a Senior Paralegal at the Department of Justice with the state of California. The studio has changed my life in ways that I cannot even imagine. My journey all begins with me taking control over my life and living for ME!!

Live. Be Free. Be Amazing.

eAja Denise

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